Franchise Information

EggRoll Boyz is a casual dining restaurant that serves especially WORLD FAMOUS GIANT GOURMET EGGROLLZ with a variety of specialty fillings. Including classic phillys, pizzas, enchiladas, tacos, buffalo, cubans, cajuns, and jerk chicken with over 50 specialty rolls, there's truly something for everyone! Each roll is named after a performer, i.e. "Cajun Boy," a signature roll made with Cajun rice, crawfish, shrimp, and andouille sausage topped with our signature remoulade sauce. 

EggRoll Boyz offer stationary (full service) restaurants & bars, quick-service restaurants, location-based units (kiosk units), as well as mobile units that may be moved to and from different events or locations.

These mobile units include: The Cart which can be operated indoors or outside, at events or from permanent or semi-permanent locations, The Food Truck which is a fully equipped motorized vehicle that can travel from location to location, and The Concession Trailer which is not a motorized vehicle itself, but can be moved by a motorized vehicle attached to it.